About Adam Ferguson 


My name is Adam Ferguson, and I have been enraptured with art since quite a young age. I have always been fascinated by the inimitable world that I reside in and the artifice to which humanity attempts to capture it. As an artist, I draw my own conclusions-- my own summations, even, of what I discern, and I formulate those observations as uniquely my own-- creating a visage of what I aim to represent on a wholly visceral level. I create tangible work-- work that can be connected with, both physically and emotionally-- as I seek to both come to a generalized understanding of my own rationale and to further my artistic vision.

My work primarily resides in paintings and drawings-- oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, charcoal, graphite, prismacolor-- and my subject manner is fundamentally figurative. I am endeared by the idea of capturing moments—an emotive facial expression, a whimsical pose, a certain contortion of the body—these instances strike me as momentous, and with my artwork I aim to represent these instants with substantial accuracy. I am fascinated with the figure, and its innate ability to represent an endless array of palpable emotion.

I also create work in other categorical areas-- I indulge in the creation of a variety of graphic design work, landscape images, fantasy illustrations, and other miscellaneous work.